Our specialized Search & Fulfillment team can identify and attract the talent you require

for any Information Technology needs that your company may have.
Trillium has supported the human capital growth needs of companies in the Information Technology community since 1990, and we understand the intricacies of your business, and the challenges and issues surrounding your industry. Companies, from start-up to Fortune 1000, are in a race to get their products to market before the competition, before an opportunity is missed, or before the market disappears. The challenges are great, and the resources often limited. Every hire becomes an integral part of a company’s foundation, and is critical to the success of the organization.

Only a select few people possess the industry experience, skill, and drive that are critical to your business. We know the candidates you want to recruit and we have developed a longstanding working relationship with them. Trillium Talent Resource Group is strategically positioned to attract candidates with the talent and skills that you require.

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Chief Information Officer
VP of Operations
Chief Technology Officer
VP of Technology
SVP Programming
VP, Information
Project Manager
Senior Systems Analyst
Senior Systems Engineer
Chief Architect
Individual Peak Performers:
Systems Analyst
Network Engineer
Network Administrator
SAP Developer
Software Developer
Systems Engineer
Database Administrator.