Having trouble hiring nurses? Join the crowd. With more nurses retiring and fewer entering the profession, many hospitals and other healthcare institutions find it increasingly difficult to hire and retain qualified professional nurses. As a result, many healthcare employers are looking abroad to fill their nursing ranks.

Trillium Talent Resource provides several options for employers wishing to employ nurses on a temporary and permanent basis. TTRG is a leading International Search Firm that has been providing creative and multi-dimensional recruitment and training services for over 22 years in North America.

Why partner with Trillium Talent Resource Group?

  • Consistency: TTRG has consistently providing high-quality international healthcare talent for 22 years, which has enable us to develop a reputation of integrity, strong ethical practices and high moral standards in our business practices.

  • Diverse International Team: We are positioned to attract talent from all over the world, and Our international recruitment is dedicated to providing large volume recruitment campaigns and is comprised of Immigration Attorneys, Project Managers, and Senior Recruiters.

  • Worldwide Presence: We have U.S. locations in Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina, with five locations throughout Canada, and offices in England, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Recruitment Marketing Expertise: TTRG has a demonstrated track record in developing and implementing effective recruitment campaigns that promote our clients as "Employers of Choice."

  • Clinical Training: One of our solutions is to provide nursing, LTC provider, leadership and Acute-care
    provider clinical education and training through our certified international team.