Section 2
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. will strive to do all in its power to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. Workplace prevention is a collaborative effort therefore every assignment employee must accept his/her personal share of the responsibility to help create & maintain a safe working environment. Familiarizing and adhering to Trillium Interim Staffing Inc.'s rules and regulations will ensure success in our accident prevention endeavours.
Assignment Employee Rules & Regulations and Policies
The following rules and regulations apply to all assignment employees (and visitors where applicable) within and outside the premises of Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. and all its affiliated companies and client sites. They have been created and designated for the safety and health of all assignment employees.

It is your responsibility to cooperate in adhering to these policies, rules and regulations. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination with cause and without notice.
Human Resources Regulations Policies and Procedures
1. The assignment employee acknowledges that the employee relationship begins when Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. and the assignment employee agree whether or not in writing to assign the person to perform work. Any internal assessment, testing, internal orientation and training are not to be construed as the commencement of employment.

2. The assignment employee will grant Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. the permission to send all written communication of temporary assignment details as well as health and safety related correspondence through email notifications. It is the assignment employee's responsibility to notify Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. within 24 hours of the verbal agreement should he/she not receive the work assignment details notification via email communication.

3. The assignment employee understands that they are employed by Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. and not the client site for which he/she is working and that all assignments are deemed temporary and can end without notice. There are no guarantees. Some positions may go long term, some may be short term, and in some cases the assignment employee may be hired on directly by the client's site.

4. Assignment employee shall not enter any company facility, including the client site, or remain on the premises unless he/she is on duty or scheduled for work.

5. Assignment employee must provide to Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. in writing any changes of personal information (i.e.: telephone number, address, bank account, direct deposit information, email and record of employment request).

6. Assignment employees are not permitted to post any notices anywhere at a client site without prior written approval.

7. Refrain from using company's electrical communication devices without proper authorization.

8. Assignment employees are not permitted to disclose their hourly pay rate with anyone other than Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. 's consultant.

9. Assignment employees are responsible for obtaining authorized timesheets and must follow the direction of the consultant at Trillium Interim Staffing Inc.

10. If an assignment employee commences working in an office setting (identified as a restricted area) on modified work, they will be required to comply with the following regulations:
  • Confidentiality/secrecy agreement.
  • To only discuss the claim details with the claims manager and not the office staff.
  • To conduct oneself in a courteous and non-disruptive manner to visitors, staff, and management.
  • To comply with the Modified Early and Safe to Work Program.
Availability Policy and Procedures
It is our policy that all assignment employees are required to notify Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. of their work availability on a weekly basis (before noon on Mondays). We will assume that the assignment employee is no longer available and that the employment relationship with Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. is no longer active if Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. does not receive any updates regarding the assignment employee's work availability status for three consecutive weeks.
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Health & Safety Rules and Protocol
The following rules and protocols have been developed to promote and maintain a safe workplace environment.
Any violation of these Health and Safety Rules and Protocols could result in immediate termination with cause and without notice.
1. Assignment employee shall conduct himself/herself in a safe manner and shall comply with all company/client site rules, policies and procedures. Any unsafe hazard or conditions must be reported immediately to his/her on-site supervisor and Trillium Interim Staffing Inc.'s consultant.

2. All accidents or injuries, whether being a first aid, near miss, or medical aid required, must be reported immediately to the on-site supervisor and to Trillium Interim Staffing Inc.'s consultant. In the event of a potential lost-time injury, refer to the Early and Safe Return to the Workplace policy.

3. Our Early and Safe Return to Work Program is offered and available at no wage loss. Participation in this program assists injured workers in their return to gainful employment as soon as medically authorized. The assignment employee is expected to report to the closest office for 8AM the following day for suitable work within the medical restrictions at no wage loss. If the assignment employee seeks medical attention, a doctor's note or Functional Abilities Form is required. The modified work position is test room monitor (at a minimum).

4. Every assignment employee is responsible for keeping the area clean and free of debris. Assignment employees must remove any objects or debris that may cause accidents or injuries.

5. When entering or leaving the company property in a personal vehicle, the speed shall not exceed 20km/hr (or less if so posted).

6. Upon arrival at every new assignment, all assignment employees must acquaint themselves with the client's site emergency procedures, eye wash station, first aid box location and the names of the workers holding authorized first aid certificates.
Prohibited Acts
The following acts are prohibited.
Any violation could result in immediate termination with cause and without notice. Some of the following prohibited acts may result in legal action.
1. Bringing cameras, firearms, or weapons of any kind, including any size of knife, onto company property, whether at the client site or the Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. offices.

2. Any use of personal electrical devices (i.e. cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, Blackberry and etc.), is prohibited during company work hours. Electrical devices that are given for business functions shall be used for business purposes only. Any personal use of these devices on company time can result in immediate termination due to breach of security.

3. Be in possession of or under the influence of or dealing or selling of any controlled substance, including alcohol and drugs, is strictly forbidden.

4. Falsifying any report or records, including personnel, absence, sickness, and production records, or falsifying time sheets and punching any time card except one's own.

5. Misusing or removing from the premises, without proper written authorization, company property, another worker's (assigned employee) personal property, records, or other materials. Theft or defacing of company property or any employee's property. This also includes abuse or destruction of company property, tools, or equipment, including vandalism of any kind.

6. Unauthorized absence or lateness - Assignment employees must notify Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. prior to starting time if they are unable to work their shift. Assignment employees who accept assignments are expected to report to work on time and adhere to our lateness policy. In case of any clock discrepancy, the time is verified by the supervisor or manager.

7. Immoral conduct or indecency on the company property, including harassment, violent behavior, threats, yelling, rude gestures or use of profanity towards any worker, supervisor, or manager, either on the client's site or the agency, is strictly prohibited and not tolerated (this includes fighting or the use of profanity on company property). All assignment employees are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner.

8. Insubordinate conduct or refusal to follow supervisor's orders (except in the case that qualifies for right to refuse unsafe work).

9. Gambling in any form, excluding licensed lottery activity. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas and only on scheduled breaks - NEVER during work hours or company time. Smoking is also not permitted in company vehicles.
Human Resources Policies and Procedures
Harassment, Dignity and Respect Policy

Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. enforces a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment. In accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code, every person has a right to be free from harassment in the workplace by reason of race, ancestry, place of birth, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, age, record of offenses, marital status, family status, handicap, sex, or sexual orientation.
Harassment is any behaviour found to be offensive by one or more co-workers, and includes behaviour where the harasser ought reasonably to know that it is unwelcome. Furthermore, every assignment employee has a right to be free from sexual harassment, unwelcome sexual advances, or solicitation.

Incidents related to the above should be reported immediately to your supervisor and your consultant and/or management. All reported breaches will be investigated confidentially and appropriate action taken.

Obscene gestures or use of profanity directed at a consultant, staff member, or assignment employee can be a violation of the dignity and respect policy, and be grounds for termination with cause & without notice.

(Failure to observe and follow the above rules will result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination without notice)
Employee Discipline Policy
(Refer to the expanded policy in Section 3 of the manual)
A progressive discipline program can effectively ensure the administration of health and safety work rules. Except for cases of gross misconduct, progressive discipline allows employees the opportunity to correct their behaviour.

Progressive discipline involves explaining to the assignment employee what the problem is via verbal or written warning, what modified behaviour is required, and that a progressively higher level of discipline will be applied to subsequent infractions.
In general terms, the discipline steps are (i.e. for lateness):
  • First or verbal warning (may be sent home with 3 hours paid at minimum wage)
  • Written warning (may be sent home with 3 hours paid at minimum wage)
  • Suspension (between 1 and 5 days, no pay)
  • Dismissal with cause
Grounds for immediate termination with cause are a result of any of the following behaviour or activity: violation of dignity and respect policy, gross misconduct, gross safety violation, reporting for work under the influence of a controlled substance, theft, or 3 lates (4th is termination). The list is not exclusive to the grounds for cause (see Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. Rules, Regulations and Policies).

Please note that it is acknowledged that the assignment employee may be removed from an assignment with 3 days of absence and they may be considered for other positions upon their return to the staffing firm.
Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Assignment Employee Acknowledgement
I have read and understood the Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. policies as noted on pages 1 through 4 (this being page 4). I have asked all the questions I had and I am satisfied with the explanations given to me. I understand that I have the opportunity to refer to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations at any given time.

I have access to the Health and Safety Operations Manual to review any policy in full. I will evaluate the hazards of each assignment with the consultant and employer site supervisor prior to commencing an assignment. I understand that I am an assignment employee and agree to be governed under the Employment Standards Act as such.

I understand that my length of service or assignments are considered temporary. As an assignment employee, my assignment may be terminated at any time without advance notice or pay in lieu of notice. In the event that my employment is terminated, I will be paid in accordance with but limited to the Employment Standards Act.

I acknowledge that any internal assessment, testing, internal orientation and training are not to be construed as the commencement of the employment relationship. I am aware and understand that the employee relationship begins when Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. and I agree to be assigned to perform work.

I acknowledge that all the information given on my application form or resume is true and accurate. I give the employer permission to verify all statements and call any employer for reference information. Failure to provide accurate information may result in termination with cause.

I acknowledge that I reviewed and fully comprehend the following: (Please Initial)
_____ Section 2 - Rules and Regulations and Policies (Health and Safety Protocol/Prohibited Acts)
_____ Section 2 Availability Policy and Procedures
_____ Section 2 - Harassment Policy, Dignity & Respect Policy/Employee Discipline Policy/Lateness Policy (Under Prohibited Acts)
_____ Section 4 - Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
_____ Section 13 - Accident Reporting / Section 13 - Early and Safe Return to Work Program/ Section 10 - First Aid Procedures
_____ Section 23 - Falls Working From Heights
_____ Section 16 - Heat Stress Policy and Procedures
_____ Section 21 - WHMIS Awareness/ Section 12 - Emergency Procedures / Section 6 - Joint Health & Safety Committee Policy
_____ Transportation (where applicable)
_____ Averaging Hours Agreement/Daily Excess Hours Agreement
_____ Your Employment Standard Rights: Temporary Help Agency Assignment Employees
_____ I have been provided all information about Trillium Interim Staffing Inc.
_____ I have been provided all the details of assignment

I grant permission for Trillium Interim Staffing Inc. to send me all written communications via email. I further acknowledge and confirm that it is my preferred method of communication venue by providing my email address below.
Name of Assignment employee (Please Print)
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