Performance Development Expertise - workshop

Performance Workshops
Management Development

  • MENTORTM Approach to Performance Coaching
    Remember back to your athletic career as a child or young adult. Who was the best coach you ever had, and why? We, as Managers, do not always employ the best tactics to drive performance from our team. The MENTORT Approach to Performance Coaching will give you're a solid foundation to drive your teams performance and will sharpen the skills you already possess.

  • Managing Success: You, Your Activities & Your Team
    This workshop is about you and the people you surround yourself with each day in business. We will take a look at your skills and areas for improvement. We will discuss your team and their relationships. Bringing greater awareness to how and when to manage, coach or be a bystander.

  • Metrics Management: Working the Daily Numbers for Results
    Sales is truly a numbers game. In this workshop, we will drill down to the metrics and activities that drive your business on a daily basis. You will walk away with a plan of action and create historical numbers and ratios to plan based upon.


Leadership Development

  • Personal Executive Coaching
    This can take on many forms from electronic, voice or in person communication to help each individual achieve their maximum potential and fulfillment. It is always highly individualized and strictly confidential.

  • The Leadership Journey
    A powerful 2-day experience that provides a snapshot of where you are, where you want to go and how to get there while inspiring others to their own greatness. The workshop can be geared for all levels of management and for individual contributors alike. It is often a life-changing workshop for selected individuals or for whole teams.


Sales Excellence

  • Customized Sales Skills Workshops for your Industry
    We are highly trained at customizing our approach and delivery to those that attend our workshops. Instead of getting cookie-cutter information, we interview key players on your team and create a customized solution to deliver to your team around effective selling in your world.

  • Strategic Account Development
    This is a look into business strategy and how to develop enough information and insight to bring results to your sales team. We will review the buying cycle of your clients, blueprint their organization, develop a list of insight questions to drive more awareness around their challenges, goals and needs and put together a short-term strategic plan to drive more revenue to your organization.


Hiring & Retention

  • Behavioral-based Interviewing: A Key to Hiring Success
    A Predictive Index increase from 10% to 55% makes for better hires. Behavioral-based Interviewing drives those positive results and takes the focus off of the "Halo Effect" and the "Gut Feel," and places those results in the past performances of the candidate being considered. Whether you are hiring people for your organization, working in human resources or the staffing industry or want to enhance your own personal abilities around being more effective in an interview, this high touch workshop will help you.

  • Proactive Retention Techniques
    How to you keep your team together? What do you have to do to retain your Peak Performers? We will not only review your current retention strategies; we will bring awareness and detail to retention programs that will create the type of culture and environment that will keep your team in tact.


Time Management

  • Time Management: The 9-2-5 MethodT
    We can all agree that simple is good. We have created a new way to look at the sometimes overwhelming tasks in front of us each week. By implementing the 9-2-5 Method for managing your daily, weekly and monthly activities, you will increase individual productivity and have more energy to apply elsewhere in your life. Focusing our attention throughout the business day is often difficult due to the countless distractions and interruptions that face us each day, both personally and professionally. We will identify ways of maintaining your focus and attention to make each day more efficient and effective. We will focus our energies around a keen understanding of the things that cause stress in your life and how to utilize your strengths to become much more effective each day.


Team Building

  • Total Team Alignment
    "Ever want to get you team on the same page, firing on all cylinders and moving in harmony towards great or even greater results? No matter what size your team or office is, this highly charged customized, one-day workshop employs the powerful tool of group alignment. Participants experience the inspiration of discovering their role and the huge bolt of enthusiasm possible when working on a dedicated, driven team. Teams are developed to get results, and nothing is more frustrating than a dysfunctional team. We work with your entire team to develop understanding of how their roles impact the team, along with identifying potential obstacles and strategies that make sense in your world.


Trillium Recruitment Institute
Improving the productivity of any recruitment team and the quality of hires is key to every organization. Attracting Peak Performers to your team goes beyond finding candidates with the right experience and skillsets; it means aligning new hires that fit within your business culture and who can further the success of your company in both the near and long term. In these series of workshops, we will provide your recruiting team with the skills and mindset to succeed in their daily tasks, including selling candidates on your company, enhancing communication skills, and becoming accountable for their own personal goals. We also promote continuity and follow-through, which will solidify your recruitment processes and employment brand.

During our Performance Workshop, your recruiting team will focus on:

  1. Defining the Placement Process
  2. Planning & Execution
  3. Time Management
  4. Pro-closing and Preparation
  5. Managing Expectations
  6. Internal & External Communication
  7. Behavioral-based Interviewing Skills
  8. Candidate Motivations
  9. Closing & Negotiating Skills
  • QuickStart Recruiting
    This is a three to five day, intense workshop for Rookie Recruiters that drives a solid foundation to those seeking a career in the Staffing Industry. We will review recruiting, business development and organizational skills to become effective very quickly in managing the placement process.

  • Next Level Recruiting
    This is a two-day workshop that will deliver advanced recruitment skills around business development, networking, recruiting and a variety of search options and services. You will develop better attention management focus and become more effective at running your desk or business.