Why Partner with Trillium?

Partnering with Trillium means partnering with our recruitment expertise:

Longevity in Healthcare

Our 22-year presence in the healthcare industry recruiting has helped in building our reputation of integrity and success in our business practices. Consequently, we have a network of clients and candidates in healthcare industry across Canada, and we have a significant international healthcare candidate pool.

National Presence

Trillium has many locations to assist with servicing our clients across the country, including remote areas where it is difficult to attract talent. Trillium HR has a physical presence in Ontario (with 5 offices), AB and BC, as well as several satellite locations in the other Provinces.

Multi-Dimensional Recruitment Approach

Our North American and international presence assists in the application of a multi-dimensional approach to any search assignment. We source candidates from the domestic and international markets to meet the short, medium and long-term needs of our clients.

Multi-Project Fulfillment Recruitment Expertise

We have significant experience providing dedicated service to handle large volume permanent and interim placements for both domestic and international candidates in your industry.

Professionals for Professionals

The Trillium team consists of a unique blend of executive search experts, healthcare and business executives and recruitment professionals.

Recruitment Marketing Expertise

Trillium HR has a demonstrated record of accomplishment in developing and implementing effective recruitment campaigns, which promote our clients as “Employers of Choice”. With expertise in sales and marketing, Trillium’s marketing campaigns have been successful at attracting the right candidates, particularly for positions that are difficult to fill.

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