Supply chain and Logistics

We make sure your talent inventory never runs low

As the supply chain and logistics sector expand and restructure, job opportunities abound. Even though distribution centers are moving towards automated solutions for more monotonous tasks, there’s an increased demand for candidates with technical competencies to help businesses grow. That’s where we come in. By partnering with us, you’ll ensure a steady stream of skilled professionals for various roles including:

Material and Logistics Supervisor
Manager, Planning and Supply Chain
Health & Safety Advisor
Inventory Control Coordinator
Warehouse Associate
Storesperson, Material Management
Material Coordinator
Logistics Planning Coordinator
General Manager – Operations
Freight Logistics Specialist
Customer Supply Chain Analyst
Shipping Logistics Coordinator

Keep up with the ebbs and flows of business

Finding candidates with the skills to fill these jobs isn’t as simple as one might think. In today’s global economy, businesses can no longer rely on old-fashioned hiring policies. For a company to stay competitive, they need to adapt to the rapidly changing needs of the market, and that means recruiting candidates with diverse skills, experience levels, and education.

Volume recruitment

Meet expansion plans in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Our focus remains on matching the right candidates to your specific requirements and corporate culture.

Interim staffing

Our proprietary database and professional contacts help us quickly and efficiently meet all your temporary recruitment needs during busy seasons or for special projects.

Health & Safety Training

We work with your organization to customize a training solution that is aligned with your strategy, culture, and unique business needs.

Let’s get through the Great Resignation together

Qualifying and Testing

Through in-depth interviews, we qualify individual work experience, management style, career goals, level of interest, compensation requirements, family considerations, and other essential criteria.

Filling critical roles

Our marketing campaigns have been successful at attracting the right candidates, particularly for positions that are difficult to fill.

Combating turnover

Once an offer has been presented, we work with the candidate to ensure that there are no obstacles to acceptance. Once the offer is accepted, we remain in close contact with the candidate during the guarantee period.

Industries Served
Types of Recruitment

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