Interim Staffing

Trillium Interim Staffing can support day-to-day capabilities of your business in real time, seamlessly, without missing a beat. Interim staffing engagements are tailored to fit your needs for short or long term assignments. We serve Healthcare, Finance & Accounting, Information Technology and General Industry.

Reacting beyond simple challenges sets a new standard in recruiting. As your “smart partner,” we understand that thinking ahead, knowing your company and anticipating change results in quick and efficient problem solving that positively impacts your bottom line. Our customized search and recruitment process, helps us achieve our clients’ goals with a streamlined approach.

We offer comprehensive solutions to your urgent needs and focus on bringing qualified and experienced talent to you quickly. We not only recruit the talent, we monitor their performance, ensuring the quality of standards of your business. We handle all administrative details, including payroll, workers compensation and malpractice for healthcare assignments. Align with Trillium Interim Staffing to get the right people to satisfy your critical staffing needs.

Types of Recruitment
Industries Served

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